Opening hours

Our camp doors open at  09.00 - 16.00. Unless you have paid for our Extended Day service which allows you to drop off from 07.30-09.00 and pick up from 16.00-18.00.

What will my child be doing?

Here at Mavericks Day Camps we have a fun filled, action packed timetable that is specifically designed for each age group. Our campers are given a choice of over 50 different activities.

What to bring

   If the weather is sunny please bring;

  • suncream

  • water bottle

  • sun hat

  • lunch

  • snack

    If the weather is wintery please bring;

  • rain coat

  • jumper

  • wellington boots

  • lunch

  • water bottle

  • snack

My child has never been to camp before

Have no fear the Mavericks team is here! All of our staff are trained and qualified in their respective areas. Our team are professional and caring and are experts in ensuring your child has the best possible camp experience!

Childcare Vouchers

We accept a wide variety of childcare vouchers (listed below). To book using childcare vouchers simply click our "childcare voucher" booking option. We ask that the payment be made in full before your child attends camp.


What is a First Form

A First Form is our compulsory form that we ask all of our customers to fill out prior to their child's/children's first day at camp. We ask that the form is handed to one of our Camp Leaders on your child's first day at camp.  Don't panic if you forgot to bring your forms to camp, we have plenty of spares to share! The form can be found on our bookings page (or below!)


First Form


Why not download our October Brochure?